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Project I Management 

Project I Management provides leadership in brand marketing, product development and complete supply chain operations.  We give guidance, design and deploy innovative “market right” strategies, for companies seeking operational efficiencies and double-digit sales and revenue growth.

Project I Management has built successes with Major Brands, Retailers, Top Designers, E-commerce and Non-Profits.  50 years combined experience in the apparel and accessories sectors include senior management roles heading marketing, sales and operations for Fortune 100, mid-size brands and entrepreneurial startups.

Project I Management energizes and focuses organizations and helps brands actualize accelerated results with brisk analysis, design and implementation of market facing strategies.  We are proven leaders with success driving business objectives, identifying and leveraging innovative strategies, existing resources to enhance performance and maximize revenues and profits. 

Project I successes reflect long held passions for insights, analysis, strategy, organization effectiveness, internal and external communications, logic and most critically, results! 

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